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VATS Lobectomy

2016 VATS lobectomy figures now available.

86% of my patients undergoing lung cancer resections were treated by minimally invasive surgery (VATS). The latest UK wide figures (2015) are 40%.

The mean length of stay at 5 days is 1/2 that of open surgery.

More than 50% of patients go home on day 4 or sooner.

Decreased pain and fewer air leaks are key to early discharge and VATS surgery offers both.


Thoracic surgery then and now

Operated on a patient recently who underwent an (open) lobectomy 30 years ago. Now able to perform a VATS procedure with no rib spreading, compared to the large thoracotomy that was the norm then. Did very well, but of course the fact that he was able to have surgery 30 years after his original op is a testament to the success of 'traditional' thoracic surgery! Sometimes the old ways are still effective!


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